I am truly bedazzled about how quickly everything is evolving in these end times on an individual level. A week ago I was in the heat of the moment from both sides of the spectrum as on the one hand I was having marvelous dreams. A few days later I was having highly chaotic and conflictive dreams. The dreams turned out to be representing my emotional, mental and mainly spiritual evolution. Let me put this all into perspective.

My first dream, which was semi-lucid, was about me being surrounded by people as they all came to see me. I was walking amongst them as I was telling them comforting and motivating words while placing my hand on their heart. I knew all these people. It was as if I could ‘see’ into their spirit’s evolution. And then the semi-lucidness kicked in as I was asking myself with my conscious mind who all these people were. As a result, I got a very decisive answer: these are all my past lives…. It became very obvious to me. I am in the process of releasing and clearing all my emotional baggage and core fears that have accumulated during my past lives. Earth has been a tough learning school but this moment in time grants us the opportunity to clear the ‘Old’ and evolve into the ‘New’. This was a strong confirmation to me that I am evolving accordingly.

Another dream I had took me right into the other side of the spectrum. I was in my house, the living room to be exact, and I was looking out of the window. It appeared that we – me and my girlfriend- were on the coast and we were sort of quasi on the water and on shore. The waves were coming in high and it looked rough and for a moment I was anxious. At that moment though, I saw a child playing in the waves which comforted me. What I know about water in dreams is that it represents emotions. Given the fact that it was rough but not dangerous was a pretty good indicator that the emotions I was going to have would be manageable.

And what do you know! The very next day I was experiencing these emotional waves hitting my stomach area and draining my energy. I was also very agitated and reacting in an unloving way. It was very intense. I struggled with the thought if I ought to handle it myself or ask for help. While I am writing this I come to the insight that what came to the surface was my ‘ego’ attempting to take control of the situation or in other words being reluctant to give control away. My ego whispered: “I am able do it myself! No need to ask for help.” And for just a moment I was convinced. Maybe it is our collective addiction to drama and suffering that persuaded me. Perhaps it was the collective belief system that one has to go through ‘hell’ in order to reach heaven. I am not sure, but it definitely strikes a chord. Furthermore, it is also an illusion to think that you must be able to do it yourself, because we are all One. We are not separate from each other which is something that our Ego tries to make us believe. Hence, by serving/helping Others you actually are helping yourself. Thankfully, in the end I decided to ask for help to my Higher Self and my guides and angels. I visualized sending these emotional waves into the Light and immediately I felt a huge relief. It was amazingly simple but extremely effective!

In the following nights I dreamed about fighting with ‘the enemy’, being chased around, etcetera. In the end I dreamed about being invincible as bullets were bouncing off my body which culminated into me flying away and being victorious. Flying in dreams refers to ascension; to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution into a different dimension. In my personal case it refers to that I will be successful on my personal journey to ascension in these most interesting times we live in. Nonetheless, there are still some hurdles left on the road ahead that I need to attend to. This, however, will be done with the help of my Higher Self and guides off course making the journey as easy as possible for myself.

For further reading about releasing and clearing the final old fears and belief systems, please check out this channeling of Archangel Michael: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/10/archangel-michael-via-ron-head-be-at-peace-be-love-be-your-true-powerful-centered-selves/