I had an interesting dream last night. In hindsight it had very much to do with another dream (previous post) in which I was traveling through the dimensions. In the end, the emotion of fear for the unknown overwhelmed me and I woke up with the higher vibrations still intact.

This particular dream was underwater as I was diving in a cave together with another person who apparently was the/my guide. We were exploring ruins of an ancient civilization as I saw the remnants of the city around me. In the meantime, I got notice from my guide that another person (diver) was preparing to enter the site. However, the other person did not go about his work very calmly as he dropped super heavy stuff (big radio and speakers) which got the cave trembling and brought us into danger. This left me wondering how it was possible that an object such as a big radio could free fall to the bottom like there was no water to slow it down.

Not long after I felt that I was running out of oxygen as I made this known to my guide. He then went on to the exit and I followed him. He went through a hole going upwards and he signaled me to follow him. I hesitated for a fraction of a second because the air was running out and also I couldn’t visibly see the exit in front of me. But then I saw Light at the end of the tunnel, very dim but still bright enough to distinguish it as such.

So I went up without giving it any thought following my intuition/instinct reaching for the Light in front of me. In doing so I felt myself being pulled  out of the water by my guide leaving me behind with a huge relief.

What does it all mean?! I am not sure. But I could tell you which meaning resonates the most with me. Although this time I was not physically feeling the higher vibrations as I went out of the water, it does, however, symbolize that I should have trust in Myself and let go and follow the Light. The Light in this case symbolizing not only the Source but also the Light in us all, our Divine Spark, which makes us part of the Source. Being pulled out of the water by my guide means that I am being helped by my Higher Self and guides/angels and all will turn out well in the end as long as I trust and know Myself being a part of the Source.

The ruins might symbolize the old and false belief systems that we ought to leave behind although not forgetting where we came from. The other person causing mayhem might represent the current chaos on this planet and the best way to react to that is to stay calm, follow your intuition/instinct, trust that you are being helped and follow the Light.

All is eternally well