Firstly, I would like to share with you the dream I had which led to a deeper intuitive understanding of what Archangel Michael said in an interview earlier this week[1].

It was a ‘semi lucid dream’ for I was floating in the air in a lying position to an extent knowing  that I was lying in my bed and I just close my eyes. Semi because it was not really a dream for the reasons that will become apparent further ahead. The content of the ‘dream’ and the aforementioned reasons made it into a unique happening as I have never experienced this before in my Conscious life.

As I was floating in the air I came to the realization that I was going through these portals. For my feeling they were rectangular in shape and transparent. When I went through the first portal I knew what was awaiting me and I passed through it with much anticipation and excitement. With this passing I felt that my vibrational frequencies increased. The second time occurred under exactly the same circumstances but with one difference: my vibrational frequencies increased a bit further. The third time, however, it was different. This time I didn’t know what to expect and as a result I felt ‘fear’ and I immediately went into survival mode struggling to stop my floating towards it. But nothing I did would stop me from my apparently predestined path. Just as I went through the third portal I closed my eyes in the ‘dream’ and immediately afterwards I woke up. But that was not the end of it. In the process of waking up I felt I was descending into my physical body with much of the increased frequencies intact though slowly waning away. For me that was solid proof that I actually did travel through those dimensions and that it was not just a ‘dream’. Moreover, I came to the insight that this super intelligent design which we call ‘Life’ is constructed in such a way that one is exposed to the degree that one is capable of handling. Amazing!

Now, what does this all mean? What is the bigger picture here? Does this experience pertain to the individual or to the collective as well?

The answers to these questions came from a groundbreaking interview to my opinion. Fact has it that I am a loyal listener/reader of An Hour with an Angel conducted weekly by Inlight Radio[2]. Last week’s guest (October 8th) was Archangel Michael.

What he said half way during the interview really got my juices flowing as I just knew intuitively that that explained the dream I had.

It started out like this: What you want to know, what you are really asking me, is “How do I know, dear Michael, when I am there? How do I know when I have truly embraced my mastery, which is a reflection of and in alignment with One? Is it a light bulb? Is it an event?”

He then goes on answering his own questions:

What it is is surrender, when you have reached that point, when you absolutely feel, know and are in the state of being that all you are, all you ever have been, all you ever can be is love.

And it is a feeling in your terms of almost overwhelm, of the tide breaking through, of the dam breaking, and the opening of floodgates completely opening, and that you cannot go back and really touch or relate or engage with those old, false paradigms. You may acknowledge them, but they do not and cannot exist within your field.

Now comes the part that got my blood pumping wildly:

Now, one of the things in this process — and it is unique to each one of you — one of the things that is happening, just before that letting go, that surrender, is the last vestige of fear.

Because you are literally jumping into a sphere… no matter what we say or how much detail we give you, you are moving into a dimensional reality that you do not fully know or understand or embrace. You embrace the concepts, you embrace the idea, but you cannot fully be there until this surrender and this fullness is felt.

This ‘last vestige of fear’ is what I felt and experienced in my dream. And yes I do embrace the idea and the concepts; I am even more and more capable of imagining the next dimension. However, I cannot go through this Last Portal until I surrender and the fullness of Being Love is felt. His words struck me like lightning on a clear day and I knew intuitively that this is what is happening to me. I am at this last stop and I am petrified. I doubt about how far I am in this process and about falling back.

He then continues with using the metaphor of birthing a child which explains even better what he is bringing across.

This channel has talked about this to many, and certainly to a dear friend just yesterday. And I have spoken through her to this one, and I have likened it to the moment of birthing. And even if you are male, you have been female and you know what it is to birth.

And there is the excitement with the pregnancy and with the child growing, as the energy has been growing within each one of you, and your fields have expanded enormously, courageously, fearlessly, joyfully.

And then comes the moment of delivery, when you are in fear of losing your life because the pain is so intense, and you wish that this child had never taken up residence, and you would do anything to get rid of it and have it slip from your womb. And it is that moment of fear and desperation and excitement and then surrender into the totality of love.

The birthing process in the human race is one of the ways in which you learn unconditional love and surrender. And that is where you are. Most of you are right there. And you are petrified. “Will I make it? Where are my signs?”

Yes indeed, where are my signs?!

And the truth is that you are the sign. You are the catalyst. You are the outcome. It is that surrender into the beingness of love, and nothing else. And from that emerges, like the phoenix from the ashes, the master, the co-creator, the catalyst who is ready to assist with the birthing of others.

Often -not as enough as I wish though- when I have doubts I look back at myself say a year ago and I know I have changed enormously which makes me feel that I am right on track. Michael just hits the nail when he says that WE are the sign. We just have to take a proverbial step back in time every time doubt or insecurity kicks in to really grasp the enormous achievements in our evolution.

He continues by saying:

 So, you have asked me many times: is it a moment? Yes. Is it an event? Yes. And it is a process. Yes. And you are going, and you have gone, through all of it. And you say, “Well, then, why do I not feel the fullness of what you refer to as the higher dimensions?”

Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop really jumpstarted me in my spiritual evolution. During the workshop I experienced a glimpse of the next dimension and this has evolved into ever greater experiences since.

And I am asking you, I am begging you, go into your heart, into your spirit, and allow that to be. And go far beyond feeling or thinking, because what you are doing is you get afraid, and then you look externally: “Give me more information. Give me more signs. Let me understand mentally.”

Now, we are not trying to eliminate your mental body or your ego. Quite the contrary. This is an integrated process. But stop looking outside and go within, because as you are the change, as you are the shift, it catalyzes the shift for humanity. Many of you are in that place, in that moment of birthing. And I am asking you, hang on and let go.

For the most part of today I was in a place of seeking acknowledgement for who I have become which put me in a place far far away from what Archangel Michael is talking about. Instead of looking for signs or acknowledgements outside I should have gone within and within I went at last. I almost immediately connected with my Higher Self and felt the Love and acknowledgement that I was looking for. As I am finishing up this article I also realize that this piece turned out the way it did because of the experiences I had today. In conclusion, I revel at the insights I have gained today as it made me aware of where I stand in my spiritual evolution giving me the confidence and the strength to go the extra mile.  Thank You.

Much Love, Laughter and Peace