As a continuation of my previous article about the ‘divine order of things’ I will discuss the Universal Law of Karma here.

Before I began my journey of ‘awakening’ the concept of Karma to me was predominantly one of ‘punishment’ and ‘vengeance’. I remember one of my good friends telling me that his father was following some Hindu religion and that after a while he found that – their interpretation of – the Law of Karma is extremely unfair. One, depending on his or her accumulated ‘bad’ Karma, will either end up being deprived or living a life of abundance. I remember thinking and feeling that there has to be more to it and that this interpretation of Karma does not cover the entire workings of it.

Let’s have a look at what Wikipedia has to say about it: in Indian religions it is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect[1]. In other words, you reap what you sow or put differently your actions have consequences. Although it may be considered a good definition it does not, however, explain how it actually works. Thus, the research goes on.

The literal meaning of Karma in Sanskrit is to act. In Buddhism much attention is paid to the motivation or the intent behind the action, because this determines the Karma[2]. It goes on by saying that Karma refers to activities that we conduct with our bodies, speech and mind. In other words, what we say and what we think creates Karma as well. The following metaphor is used: These activities will leave impressions or seeds behind on our ‘mental bodies’, which will ripen into experiences if the right conditions are met (what are the right conditions then one might ask?). The seeds of our activities will join us from one lifetime to the other and thus does not get lost. If we do not create a cause or Karma or plant seeds in the soil for that matter then we will also not experience the consequences or harvest, regardless if they will be positive or negative.

I am still missing the bigger picture here. To what ultimate purpose is the Law of Karma designed?!

After having done some research, the following assertions resonated with me the most:

“Karma is a method of teaching”[3]. What is it teaching then? Hmm, in order to answer this question let’s look at the bigger picture. All life’s purpose is to eventually return to God/Source/Creator/Great Spirit from whence it came by way of physical, emotional, mental and especially spiritual evolvement[4]. In other words, we are all a component -droplet of water- of that infinite ocean called Source whose Life/Soul plan is to evolve back into our God selves. It is to know ourselves as God, to get to know our True identity. In this respect, karma teaches us how to BE God, how to align us more and more with actions that are Godlike.

To put it in another way by using a metaphor: the Law of Karma is like guardrails which prevent a vehicle from leaving the road. It keeps the individual soul from going too far to the left or right and ensures that the individual keeps moving forward towards the destined return of the Prodigal Child to God, once it tires of all experiences in the material world[5]. In addition to that, the Law of Karma ensures that the lessons will come back again and again until one learns the lesson that is being taught. Moreover, it will run through successive lifetimes making sure you learn the lesson explaining the cycle of reincarnation.

When you do someone harm, it will come around and bite you in the ass – ‘what goes around comes around’- as to learn how it is to be treated the same. It teaches you compassion. Usually, the perpetrator will then cease its actions but if he does not the same lesson will come back until he learns from it. On the other hand, when you put yourself to Service to another you will get the same back and rejoice in it, thus knowing it is the right thing to do and keep on doing.

Does Karma encompass only the act of ‘doing’ or ‘action’? Or do one’s thoughts and emotions play a pivotal role as well? Science is more and more catching up with the mere fact that our thoughts, emotions and intentions have a direct relationship with how our world looks like. In other words, WE as a collective are creating reality as we experience it. There is no ‘solidity’ or ‘physical’ as everything is ‘vibrational’, ‘electrical’ and ‘holographic’ information field which we decode into what appears a ‘phycial world’[6].  We are the Creators of our Reality and not just on a metaphysical level, however, we are ignorant of our powerful creative abilities.

Highly self-serving, dualistic and negative thoughts, emotions, and thus deeds will create a world of violence, separatism and egoism. Service to others, unity consciousness, knowing and Being our True identity and thus having positive thoughts and emotions will result into a more harmonious and loving world. I, personally, have experienced this for myself by attending a peace Festival with like-minded and -hearted people where sharing, harmony, respect and Love was the order of the day. It is possible and within our grasps!

Looked at it from this perspective Karma transcends the more simple explanation of ‘punishment’ or ‘vengeance’ for it has no judgment. We ourselves are responsible for our own experiences – ‘good or bad’- , which at the same time is very confronting as it is empowering! This knowledge and your experiences with the Law of Karma will give you back your Power over your own Life.

Karma is not ruthless, but it is focused on growth and evolving back into becoming your True Self. It teaches you insight, wisdom, awareness and foremost Love! To suffer is sometimes the only way to see the Light and Truth; however, Karma is not a penalty Law. It is a system put into place for self-development that gives you ample possibilities and chances to grow and it is up to your choosing -law of Free Will – whether or not you make us of it. In conclusion, as far as I understand with my current state of consciousness, we all have our own Path to take in this Divine Game of evolving back into Great Spirit and the Law of Karma defines the rules of this beautiful Game :).

Love, Light & Laughter,