Up till now, I have accumulated much knowledge and experience when it comes to spirituality in general and personal spiritual growth in particular. This happened in tandem with the expansion of knowledge about the advent of the Golden/New Age and the significance of the Mayan ‘end of times’ prophecy herein. For the sake of clarity, my journey can be divided into on the one side digging into what non-mainstream science and ancient prophecies have to say and discovering and experiencing my divine Self.

This journey of awakening has intensified from the beginning of 2011 as I have come to the insight that everything that happened before – in retrospect that is – has prepared me for this. This insight has given me a feeling of humility and purpose as I came to understand that I am part of something bigger. Furthermore, it strengthened the belief that everything that happens is in some way super intelligently or divinely constructed. If this is true, which I came to know that it is, then what are the laws that govern this Universal spectacle called Life? In addition, how does the advent of the Golden Age fit into this divine order? What is the significance of the ascension of mother Earth relative to the rest of the Milky Way and even the rest of the Universive?

What I will do in this column is – to the best of my ability – to answer the abovementioned questions and many other questions that will emerge along the way. I must add that in no way I am proclaiming that this is The Truth. On the contrary, this is merely an attempt of my person to understand the divine order of things and I am sure that my understanding will change along the way. Actually, I am counting on it.

In doing so, I also hope it will provide an incentive for readers to want to dig deeper as well or at least to get them interested. As a matter of fact, I am calling out for readers to co-create, to supplement, to adjust and to ask more questions. As I am strechting my creativity here, it could even grow into a co-creatively constructed booklet containing information about our (Earthlings/Gaia’s children) perceived place in the Universe – a planetary identity one might say – in relation to our understanding of the Divine Order.

I must say that in no way this is a one week or a one month project for that matter. On the contrary, this might take years and years as humanity’s understanding of the greater Truth is ever evolving depending on the pace of our spiritual growth.

For answering those questions, I will resort to scientific sources, spiritual teachings and last but not least intuition. The beautiful act of knowing without the need to have evidence or proof. I am of the opinion that we have been neglecting that aspect of our Being for too long already and I hope that this initiative will provide a strong impetus for restoring its true value.

I will do my utmost best to post a column on this topic every two weeks starting with the first question: what are the laws that govern this Universal spectacle called Life?

Much Love and Light