They are pouring in alright! My god! Although it was announced, nothing could have really prepared me for this. First, I was only exhausted but now I am feeling it, all throughout my body. It comes and goes like waves going through every fiber of my being. And this is only the physical part.

I catch my self staring. People passing by might think that I have become apathic, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. I am feeling, I am processing, I am lettin it go through me without judging it. Easier said then done sometimes, but hey, isn’t this all just a big learning school?

I feel the urge to be with myself more. Meditation, walking in the park, watching and touching the majestic trees and feeling them in my heart and listening to the birds are the order of the day. Connecting to Mother Earth with your heart really helps. Although at times we (humanity) have forgotten it, she has always been there for us and always will be. She loves us very much.

When writing this I realize that I have become so mightily aware of I. I am aware of my every thought, emotion and feeling. I am aware. I am aware that I am connected to anything else. I feel I am. I am aware of the changes within. I understand the channelings better now when they urge us to look within for proof that things are changing. I am aware that others are merely a reflection of myself. And wouldn’t you be kind and loving to yourself? Is this what various spiritual traditions meant when they talked about to be aware of yourself?

This is raising a fundamental question. Am I my emotions? Am I my feelings? Am I my thoughts? Am I my body? Am I all of them? However, one is able to influence and (re)direct ones thoughts, emotions, feelings and even body. Who or what is doing that? Is it consciousness? What is consciousness then? Is consciousness my true essence, my Soul? And if my Soul ‘already’ is intelligent and wise enough to do all this, why would it choose to reincarnate on this planet and go through all these lessons in the first place. Aahh, what a jolly good ride this is and we have just embarked on the last 6 months (depending on the perception) of this marvellous journey!

Lastly, I would like to reassure Steve Beckow that his colums have not become mentally, emotionally and spiritually obsolete for my person even if Archangel Raphael has come up with an effective healing modality :-). Your columns are a great source of inspiration and support for me. I thank you for that.