It was the 6th night of April this year. Although I was sleeping, I was definitely not in deep sleep. I was conscious of the fact that I was lying in bed, turned to my right and somehow I was aware of the room where I was in.

Out of nothing this amazing intense feeling came over me as I felt it building up. With hindsight I can say that this is what Unconditional Love must feel like. Never before have I experienced such a blissful feeling as thinking about it just lights up my whole being. I felt myself smiling from ear to ear. It felt as if I was residing on a cloud who was taking me higher and higher in my blissful state as I felt lighter and lighter as though I was moving speedily away from the 3D duality emotions and thoughts. Never thought that I would say this but words are just not sufficient to describe this feeling. It was absolutely wonderful!

Next thing I know, ‘someone’ was speaking to me and I just knew that that ‘someone’ was a part of me.  Actually, it was me. Not long after I felt that ‘fear’ was seeping in and as a result I was not much longer able to hold the higher vibrational frequencies, although I was trying to head this incoming fear off. Nevertheless, I remembered and wrote down the following three words:

Gland molecular transmutation‘ 

Naturally, I couldn’t just ignore it. So I put my intention out and found several sources. One of which is Dr. Gariaev’s astonishing experiment, where he transforms frog DNA (eggs) into salamander DNA by capturing Salamander DNA and then shining it on the frogg eggs by means of (laser)light. The frog eggs grew up to be 100% slamanders ( Another source describes that the glands in your body are significant entry points for the higher dimensional/vibrational light with which our mother Earth is being ‘bombarded’ right now. This higher dimensional light will eventually transmute and maybe even reactivate our DNA molecules into higher vibrational ones (there are sources that state that our DNA will transform from a 2 strand to a 12 strand molecule).

I have not experienced the same modality of contact with my higher Self again but the memory is still fresh for it gave me a sweet taste of what it is that is awaiting me (us?) at the end of this already amazing journey  🙂