Today I was meditating in the park for a while sitting on the root of a huge tree. Again I noticed that for my person it is much easier to go into deep meditation and into my heart space when in Nature. The interaction that I had with Mother Earth was truly amazing for it is a 2-way play of giving and receiving Love during which it is building up. Beautiful feeling!!

While in meditation I asked my Higher self and my spiritual guides for assistance on my path to Ascension. Not long after I decided that it was enough. As I opened my eyes I could still feel the Love reverberating through my whole body. I reached for my digital clock just to find out that it said 05.55 pm…… I was mesmerized and started laughing. This was the fastest answer up till now :-). I love my Life!

For the people that want to know about the meaning of the triple numbers watch the following video: