How difficult the clearing of Core Fears and Old Belief Systems will be is up to you

I am truly bedazzled about how quickly everything is evolving in these end times on an individual level. A week ago I was in the heat of the moment from both sides of the spectrum as on the one hand I was having marvelous dreams. A few days later I was having highly chaotic and conflictive dreams. The dreams turned out to be representing my emotional, mental and mainly spiritual evolution. Let me put this all into perspective.

My first dream, which was semi-lucid, was about me being surrounded by people as they all came to see me. I was walking amongst them as I was telling them comforting and motivating words while placing my hand on their heart. I knew all these people. It was as if I could ‘see’ into their spirit’s evolution. And then the semi-lucidness kicked in as I was asking myself with my conscious mind who all these people were. As a result, I got a very decisive answer: these are all my past lives…. It became very obvious to me. I am in the process of releasing and clearing all my emotional baggage and core fears that have accumulated during my past lives. Earth has been a tough learning school but this moment in time grants us the opportunity to clear the ‘Old’ and evolve into the ‘New’. This was a strong confirmation to me that I am evolving accordingly.

Another dream I had took me right into the other side of the spectrum. I was in my house, the living room to be exact, and I was looking out of the window. It appeared that we – me and my girlfriend- were on the coast and we were sort of quasi on the water and on shore. The waves were coming in high and it looked rough and for a moment I was anxious. At that moment though, I saw a child playing in the waves which comforted me. What I know about water in dreams is that it represents emotions. Given the fact that it was rough but not dangerous was a pretty good indicator that the emotions I was going to have would be manageable.

And what do you know! The very next day I was experiencing these emotional waves hitting my stomach area and draining my energy. I was also very agitated and reacting in an unloving way. It was very intense. I struggled with the thought if I ought to handle it myself or ask for help. While I am writing this I come to the insight that what came to the surface was my ‘ego’ attempting to take control of the situation or in other words being reluctant to give control away. My ego whispered: “I am able do it myself! No need to ask for help.” And for just a moment I was convinced. Maybe it is our collective addiction to drama and suffering that persuaded me. Perhaps it was the collective belief system that one has to go through ‘hell’ in order to reach heaven. I am not sure, but it definitely strikes a chord. Furthermore, it is also an illusion to think that you must be able to do it yourself, because we are all One. We are not separate from each other which is something that our Ego tries to make us believe. Hence, by serving/helping Others you actually are helping yourself. Thankfully, in the end I decided to ask for help to my Higher Self and my guides and angels. I visualized sending these emotional waves into the Light and immediately I felt a huge relief. It was amazingly simple but extremely effective!

In the following nights I dreamed about fighting with ‘the enemy’, being chased around, etcetera. In the end I dreamed about being invincible as bullets were bouncing off my body which culminated into me flying away and being victorious. Flying in dreams refers to ascension; to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution into a different dimension. In my personal case it refers to that I will be successful on my personal journey to ascension in these most interesting times we live in. Nonetheless, there are still some hurdles left on the road ahead that I need to attend to. This, however, will be done with the help of my Higher Self and guides off course making the journey as easy as possible for myself.

For further reading about releasing and clearing the final old fears and belief systems, please check out this channeling of Archangel Michael:


Earth Soul’s message

This is a channeling of Mark Kimmel – – bringing a message through from Earth Soul. I wanted to share it with you because it resonates highly with me. Enjoy!

Greetings, I am Earth Soul. Some of you call me Gaia. You live on Earth, my physical form, my sphere. Along with the Creator God of this universe, I created this physical form millions of years ago. I am a great soul, not unlike the great souls from which your soul is individuated.

You, my human residents, are asking many questions about forthcoming shifts of my physical form. I am responding to those questions. Let me first address the subject of the shift of the magnetic pole of my physical form. North will become south; south will become north. This will happen rather abruptly in cosmic terms, although the meanderings of my magnetic poles has been recorded by your scientists for some years, and you have evidence that a magnetic pole shift has happened many times before. I will not predict the impact that this pole shift will have on your mechanisms and electronics. It will surely have impact on your psyches. As with many things that we all initiate, we do not necessarily foresee all the ramifications of a given action.

Now let us turn to the matter of the axis of rotation of my physical form. In its current slant it gives my physical form seasons as I rotate about my star. This axis of rotation was distorted many years ago to its present slant. It will now be corrected so that my physical form will rotate perpendicular to my star. This shift is underway, to be completed within 4 rotations about my star. I am looking forward to this correction, as it will produce a moderate climate in most areas of the surface of my physical form. Those of you who remain will be the beneficiaries of such a salubrious climate.

Let us now speak of what it means to “ascend to the 5th Dimension.” At the time I created this sphere, I was vibrating in 5th Dimension. Due to the activities of the dark energy that invaded my physical form, and subsequently my human inhabitants, I dropped out of 5th Dimension. This was a very painful event for me, as I saw my physical form degenerate under the influence of the darkness that prevailed among humans. I was unable to halt my own drift into lower frequencies. For many rotations I drifted in these lower frequencies — I am speaking here as Earth Soul — and attempted to raise my own vibration. Caught in the dark energy’s carefully laid trap, I cried out for help. Creator asked if I wished to continue as the soul of this sphere and return it to its pristine form. I replied yes. It was then that I called out for assistance. Many of your human brothers and sisters from other star systems responded, providing much needed light energy. The process of climbing out of the lower vibrations has been ongoing since that time. As of this communication, I am fully restored to my former 5th Dimension brilliance, but my physical form lags behind.

Now comes the rest of the program to restore my physical form to its former pristine condition. Much has happened, and continues to happen, to my land, water, and air. I speak from personal experience; it is quite painful. Yes, painful, for all in my physical form –rocks, water, plants and animals — are conscious.

Those from around the universe who possess the technology to correct the invasions and corruptions of my land, water, and air stand ready to act. However they cannot do so until the vestiges of the darkness are removed from my physical form. When that happens they will step in and, in conjunction with the humans remaining on my sphere, restore my physical form to its pristine condition

I see that you still have more questions about physical form and how it will change in this process. Rather than ascending to the 5th Dimension, I am talking about bringing 5th Dimension into physical form. This will mean changes to what you currently perceive as my physical form – rocks, water, plants, and animals. What you currently perceive as physical form is very dense, even though it is mostly space. My new physical form will be less dense, and you as a 5th Dimension human of the New Earth will perceive it as less dense, but not without form and some solid characteristics. In addition to being less dense, it will have a glow about it, for it will contain more light. Incidentally, your physical bodies will also be less dense and will radiate an inner glow.

I am aware of the various maps that predict the eventual shape of the surface of my physical form. As you ponder these, keep in mind what is true of all communications from the higher vibrations, including this one: Such communications are highly dependent on the background and dispositions of the person receiving the information. This is true of all communications from the higher vibrations to the lower. From your recent experiences in the higher vibrations, Mark, you know that the higher vibrations exist without words or thoughts. You have had trouble telling others about what you have experienced. “It is beyond words,” you say. Thus to arrive at images or words that can be communicated to others, the impressions from the higher realms must be translated by the receiver.

Thus attempts to communicate how the surface of my physical form will ultimately look are somewhat muddled. Furthermore as I have said before, no one knows exactly how a particular action will play out in physical form. If it is true of your actions, it is certainly true of something as complex as the physical form of my sphere.

I have already begun initiating changes in line with restoring my physical form to a pristine state. Also there is a part of me that enjoys not explaining exactly how it will all turn out. You need a little wonder in your lives. So be cautious about projections of my physical form’s ultimate appearance, and enjoy where you are and what you are doing.

Your abilities as creators are playing a part in the transformation of my physical form. I am most grateful for all who have turned away from the fear-based 3rd Dimension and are now functioning in 4th and 5th Dimensions. Your light energies are enabling me to move more smoothly through my transformation. The same results will occur, but with less trauma to all.

The process of returning my physical form to its pristine condition will require physical changes. Lemuria and Atlantis will once again emerge as significant landmasses. Portions of your current continents will disappear under ocean waters. Some lands will rise in elevation; some will fall. All of this is against a background of a greatly expanded sphere due to the infusion of light and the transformation of dense physical form into lighter physical form. The sum total of these will be a much-changed sphere from the standpoint of landmasses and oceans, and do not forget the moderate climate.

As to the humans who will reside on my physical form, all who remain will be in what you term 4th Dimension – through a mass ascension process. This is an interim phase between the denseness of the 3rd Dimension and the fullness and light of the 5th Dimension. Eventually all humans who remain on my 5th Dimension physical form will, of necessity, be functioning in the 5th Dimension — they will bring the 5th Dimension into their physical forms. Moving from the 4th Dimension density to the 5th Dimension density requires an individual choice on the part of each human. The infusion of the 5th Dimension into physical form is being accelerated by the efforts of numerous light workers as they give of themselves to assist my return to a pristine condition and then my advancement to a brilliant self-illuminating globe. By doing this they assist all to more easily make this transformation. As for the timing of these changes, expect to see the first of them quite soon. The remainder will take several trips about my star.

One additional note, extreme weather, forest fires, volcanic activity, and earthquakes will intensify as I cleanse my physical form. This is not the result of any particular karma, just my need to work out residual fear in the least destructive manner possible. These will end within a few rotations about my star, as we all settle into higher vibrations.

Let me finish by saying that I have great admiration for all humans who choose to incarnate on Earth (my physical form). I know how difficult your time here can be – but remember the lessons that this schoolhouse planet provides. After the transformation of my physical form, those wishing such an “Earthly” experience will need look elsewhere.

I am Earth Soul. It has been my great pleasure to communicate with you this day. I look forward to the day when all can call my physical form home to a civilization of light. Blessings to all.

Follow the Light!

I had an interesting dream last night. In hindsight it had very much to do with another dream (previous post) in which I was traveling through the dimensions. In the end, the emotion of fear for the unknown overwhelmed me and I woke up with the higher vibrations still intact.

This particular dream was underwater as I was diving in a cave together with another person who apparently was the/my guide. We were exploring ruins of an ancient civilization as I saw the remnants of the city around me. In the meantime, I got notice from my guide that another person (diver) was preparing to enter the site. However, the other person did not go about his work very calmly as he dropped super heavy stuff (big radio and speakers) which got the cave trembling and brought us into danger. This left me wondering how it was possible that an object such as a big radio could free fall to the bottom like there was no water to slow it down.

Not long after I felt that I was running out of oxygen as I made this known to my guide. He then went on to the exit and I followed him. He went through a hole going upwards and he signaled me to follow him. I hesitated for a fraction of a second because the air was running out and also I couldn’t visibly see the exit in front of me. But then I saw Light at the end of the tunnel, very dim but still bright enough to distinguish it as such.

So I went up without giving it any thought following my intuition/instinct reaching for the Light in front of me. In doing so I felt myself being pulled  out of the water by my guide leaving me behind with a huge relief.

What does it all mean?! I am not sure. But I could tell you which meaning resonates the most with me. Although this time I was not physically feeling the higher vibrations as I went out of the water, it does, however, symbolize that I should have trust in Myself and let go and follow the Light. The Light in this case symbolizing not only the Source but also the Light in us all, our Divine Spark, which makes us part of the Source. Being pulled out of the water by my guide means that I am being helped by my Higher Self and guides/angels and all will turn out well in the end as long as I trust and know Myself being a part of the Source.

The ruins might symbolize the old and false belief systems that we ought to leave behind although not forgetting where we came from. The other person causing mayhem might represent the current chaos on this planet and the best way to react to that is to stay calm, follow your intuition/instinct, trust that you are being helped and follow the Light.

All is eternally well




Interview with the Divine Mother

I post this interview on my blog because it is full of wonderful and exciting information from our beautiful divine Mother, look here for the link

Steve Beckow: The Divine Mother has presented us with a sumptuous banquet of teachings on the nature of Reality (that is, the Trinity and the Trimurthy), President Obama’s true situation, the Divine Plan for Ascension, the level of enlightenment corresponding to Ascension, and many other matters unknown to us and difficult to discover. Thanks to Ellen for this quick turnaround. Enjoy, enjoy!
An Hour with an Angel, October 15, 2012, with the Divine Mother

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author ofThe Great Awakening and Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario. I’m Graham Dewyea.

It’s a pleasure to be with you all. Our guest today is the Universal Mother. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thanks, Graham. And before we begin, Linda, I think you have a few workmen at your house, and there may be a little bit of background noise. Are you okay with that?

Linda Dillon: Yes, I’m okay with that. It’s just that I think I’ll have to go a little further out…

SB: Okay, well, we’ll give you a moment to go a little further out. I’ll just say a few things about the Divine Mother for our listeners.

We’re graced to have the Divine Mother’s presence today. I believe her to be and talk about her as the Universal Mother. I’ve asked for an extra half hour because I wanted to see if we could assist others to know about the Divine Mother’s nature.

So, thank you for coming, Mother.

Divine Mother: Greetings. I am the Mother.

SB: Thank you. Many of our listeners don’t know who it is I’m speaking to — not really. They may sense that you exist, but they know nothing of your nature. And by saying that we have a Divine Mother they probably suspect that I’m implying that we have a Heavenly Father as well. But they don’t know what makes you different, even though of course you are also the same.

Of you, Lao-tzu said, “Nameless indeed is the source of creation. But things have a mother, and she has a name.” Could you help us by saying what unites and separates you from the Father, please?

DM: What unites and separates us from what you think of as the Father and Mother is simply energy and love. It is a differentiation that we have decided upon — well, chosen, created — long, long ago, outside of time, outside of what you even conceive of as creation. It is the ability to move in and out of form. It is the ability to create and to co-create. It is the ability to be silent and to be of sound, of vibration, of movement, of sweetness.

If you were to think of the Father in terms of what you will come to understand, you would think of the Father as complete stillness, still point. And in fact so often when we urge you to go to that place it is that union that you are seeking with the Heavenly Father, with that complete sense of simply being.

I am the creative force throughout this universe, throughout the multiverse, the omniverse, but we source each other. We source each other’s energies and we move as one and yet separate and distinct.

And you say, “Well, Mother, how can this be?” And I would say back to you, “How can this not be?” For it is that perfect balance. It is the way in which we bring forth plans, discoveries, creations, universes, galaxies, humans. It is the way in which you come to know and to have an experience of One, and with me and through me, of the One as well.

So that is the explanation I offer you.

SB: Thank you, Mother. You’ve anticipated some of my questions.

The Father is the stillness, and you are movement. I think Jesus once said that to his disciples. (1) And the Father does not speak, if I am correct. But you are the Voice in the Silence, the Voice of one crying in the wilderness, as the Father is metaphorically represented as being. Is that correct?

DM: It is correct in your understanding and at this time. Now, that does not mean that differences cannot be experienced and created, and ways in which for you to experience the Heavenly Father be brought forward. But yes, your assumption and your understanding are correct.

SB: Is it also correct to say that you’re as close to the Father as one could get in terms of realization without losing consciousness of the world?

DM: I exist, and I only use that word because it is a word that you understand. I exist in and of and beyond your world or any world. And you can think of it as existing in different realms or realities. So, am I unified? What you call as close to the Father as can be? Yes, I am.

SB: All right.

DM: But I am also with you as well. So I literally bridge the realities.

SB: And if were to add to you and the Father the Father’s light embedded in the body that you created, then we would have the Third member of the Trinity, would we not, the child of God?

DM: Yes. That is correct.

SB: So that is the Trinity. Now, you’re known to all religions, and I know that you’ve said something else about this which I’ll get to in a moment. You’re known to all religions as the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Prakriti/Procreatrix, Aum/Amen, the Universal Creative Vibration.

You once said to me that Shakti, the Holy Spirit, was only a small part of you. Can you explain what you meant by that? Is Shakti only limited to a certain dimension, universe or realm?

DM: No. No. When I have spoken about this with Shakti, I have spoken about a part of me. As I have said, I am the bridge, I am the clasp between the Father and the universe and your world. And Shakti has been experienced — yes, inter-dimensionally for eons as you well know. But she is not the totality of my being. My being is bigger than you can fathom, dear one. So I do not simply mean that she is an aspect manifesting. But it is simply larger than any of you can imagine, particularly at this point.

SB: All right. Thank you.

DM: And as you shift, that understanding is also expanding. As you ascend that understanding and your capacity to have greater experience with and of me, and even of the Father, of the Trinity, of the One, will also expand.

So, is that not something to anticipate and to look forward to?

SB: Oh, yes. Is it correct on my part to say that Shakti is equivalent to the Holy Spirit?

DM: Yes. That would be a very good statement of clarity.

SB: All right. Thank you. So, with Ascension we will have a much more expanded experience of you and of the Father. Is that correct?

DM: Yes. That is correct. Now, it is hard — and I wish to make this straightforward, understandable, and yet I do not wish to simplify that which is unknowable – but as you go through this Ascension, as you go through this Shift, as you go through this portal, your capacity for understanding and experiences, and experience which is different than experiences, also grows. So your understanding, your state of beingness expands.

Now, each of you have been expanding enormously, oh, for years, but certainly at a very rapid rate within the last year. So yes, your reference points right now for your experience of me, and for that matter of the Father as well, and even of the Company of Heaven, is limited to some of your reference points in the Third dimension. And it is hard for you to transfer those into other realms because your touchstone, your experience of being in form, has been primarily — and I sayprimarily, not exclusively – in the Third realm, in the Third dimension, even within those twelve planes. (2)

So, understand this. The greatest gift not only to you but to us, to all of us, is that our connection, our unified being will be more closely aligned. Now, you have done a wonderful job. And when I say that I say that with full understanding that there is still much debris upon your planet to be cleansed. But I say this to you who are listening this night. My beloved ones, children of my heart, of my being, you have done a wondrous job of letting go of the old Third-dimensional paradigm.

You have cleansed at levels that have been unknown in thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And often you will turn to me and you say, “Mother, this is not happening fast enough.” And I look at you, I observe you, I smile. And I think, and I say unto thee, “You have done work of thousands of years in a very brief period of time.”

So, are you anxious to move forward? Yes. But do not underestimate what you have already accomplished.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I have two questions that are a little bit difficult, but if there are any difficulties I’ll explain them to readers on the 2012 Scenario site. The first is so far we’ve been talking about the Formless Transcendental Father, and yet the termFather is also used to refer to not only the Formless Father but the Father in Form.

It’s very difficult to make this clear, I know, but oftentimes we’ve had Father Yahweh on Heavenly Blessings. Can you explain to us the difference between Father Yahweh and the Formless Father, the Transcendental?

DM: When I have said to you that I am a bridge, that there is a part of me, a portion of me that is unknowable, that you still have no idea of, so it is with what you call the Heavenly Father.

Now, Yahweh is an expression that is available for the human beings to have a knowing and to have the clarification of some of this energy. Can we say the energy that you can experience? Because, dear heart, we do not give you the totality of our being because, well, you would fall over dead.

SB: [laugh] And fry the circuits of this network.

DM: That is correct! And so Yahweh comes so that there is a voice and an energy and a way in which the human collective can know that portion of the energy of the Father that is available to them at this time. So it is the highest vibration of that Father in form, as you would call it, although it is really without form, but the form that you can give it within your hearts, your minds, your energy fields. Does this explain?

SB: Yes, it does. I found that very helpful. I have a question for you from our Hindu readers. They want to know if thegunas, the cosmic forces which are calledrajas, sattwa, and tamas, are the same as the Trimurthy [Triad] of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

DM: Yes. We are the same as that triad.

SB: All right. And the Trimurthy of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is a subset of the Universal Creative Vibration that you are at your essence. Is that correct?

DM: That is correct. It [the Trimurthy] is much the same as we have been speaking of. It is a way in which my beloved children can come to know me and to have that experience. It is formless, and yet it is form. It is a way of connection, and it is a way of understanding and entering into a higher vibration of being. So it helps the emergence into my energy.

SB: Sort of like stair steps?

DM: That is correct.

SB: Okay.

DM: And you have all been climbing!

SB: [laugh] Thank you, Mother. Now, here’s the last difficult question. I promise I’ll make all these terms clear to the readers and listeners.

DM: I know you will, dear heart.

SB: Thank you, Mother.

DM: For you have the gift of clarity, and very often the gift to make the translation into understandable terms for my beloved ones.

SB: Thank you, Mother. The last question is I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers —sahaja samadhi. Am I correct?

DM: Yes, it is beyond what you think of with your seven chakras. It is beyond, because what you are doing with the chakra system, even with the thirteen, we have emerged from the Third-dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.

SB: Sorry, I am overwhelmed to hear you say that. It’s wonderful to have that confirmed. Thank you very much, Mother.

DM: It is wonderful for us as well, you know!

SB: Is it? How so, Mother?

DM: As we move beyond what you think of in your realm as emotion, that does not mean that the pervasive love and joy is not felt as we participate, witness, move and assist and beckon you forward.

SB: Thank you for that. Now, you said that the experience, the enlightenment experience is beyond the 13 chakras, but you didn’t actually say yes or no to my question of whether this experience corresponds tosahaja samadhi.

DM: Yes.

SB: It does?

DM: That is correct.

SB: Oh, eureka! Thank you, Mother! I’m so happy to have that confirmed.

DM: Now, you understand that most people – and yes, you will do a good job of explaining – have no conception of what this really means.

SB: Well, you know that I have a website that discussessahaja samadhi at length. If I — and that’s from Sri Ramana Maharshi, more or less — if I take that material and present it to readers, would that be adequate?

DM: That will help.

SB: Could you refer us to other saints like Sri Ramana Maharshi who have explained this well.

DM: No.

SB: No?

DM: We do not want people reading hither and yon. This will be more than adequate.

SB: All right.

DM: And what we want you to do is simply allow the experience to occur and to expand. It is never an intellectual process regardless, dear one.

SB: Yes, of course. Well, why don’t we turn to the substance of the show in terms of contemporary events? I think people are very much wanting to hear from you your estimation of the soul called Barack Obama. Is he an evolved soul? Is he a vital part of the master plan for the Golden Age, or is he not?

DM: There are so many questions about leadership on your planet at this time. And yes, Barack Obama. There is a plan, as there is a plan for all. So, understand this, because what I do not wish you to infer is that there is a hierarchy. And you know I have been very emphatic about this.

But let us say, Barack Obama is an untarnished soul, and that is a rare thing. Now, that does not mean that he has not been influenced or had the human experience of the lower vibrations or the experience of misstepping or losing his way. But there has been an agreement that, like each of you — understand this — there has been an agreement about this incarnation and about the role that this one would play in the restoration, yes, and the Ascension and the anchoring of Nova Earth, and particularly in the restoration of hope, as I have defined it.

So, is he part of this plan? Absolutely. But do not place him either to the side and say, “Well, that is politics,” and therefore inconsequential. Do not place him on a shelf or an altar, because that would be incorrect as well. For this one stands with you, with each of you, as do many; but this one in particular.

So, is he a brother and what Michael would call a warrior? Yes. But so are you. Each of you. And many of you are learning, even now, as I speak to you this night, what that meaning is to be the warrior, to stand in the truth of your being and your knowing in alignment with me.

My beloved ones, I know, this has not always been straightforward or easy. And there is not one of you that has not at one moment had a shadow of doubt or a hint of despair — not one of you! And of course that is because you have been shedding the old.

So also know that Barack Obama is also shedding the old and is emerging in a different way, as each of you are. But to dismiss this one and say that he is not part of my plan — well, dear ones, you might as well look in the mirror. None of you are dismissed. May you make choices of this gift from the Father and me, of free will, yes, but most of you have entered into this place of alignment, which, if you truly understand what I am saying to you, places you beyond that either/or duality, that polarity. There is only One, and that is alignment with love.

So it is beyond choice. That is the entirety of what you think of as this experience, and certainly the experience of Ascension. It is entering into the place of complete love. So what you do, and what you have done, so many of you already, you have eliminated that wordbut. And I am pleased to see that.

SB: Mother, I know there’s a lot of listeners who’d like me to ask you about Barack Obama’s past lives or where he comes from. But I’m not sure that that would be helpful for people who listen to this program without our background, so I’m passing over that kind of question. But I do want to know: Was Barack Obama born in Hawaii?

DM: Yes, that is correct. The difficulty that so many have…. Well, first of all, there has been a great deal of lower level vibration and interference and sabotage with this information. And that is part of what has led to confusion. Do not buy into that, dear heart.

So, yes, I confirm this, but I also say part of the difficulty that so many have had in pinning down the birth spot of this one is because this one emanates from a very high vibration.

You do not need to understand it; you need to accept this. And no, it would serve no purpose. And I will tell you why we do not discuss the planetary alignments that this one has or the past lives on Earth — which have been many and, yes, have prepared him well for this role.

The reason I choose not to discuss it in detail is because of each of you. So you would say, “Well, he has been thus,” or “He has been this person or that person,” or he is Pleiadian or Arcturian or Venusian. And then you would say, along with that, you have certain expectations. And then you also say, “Well, he has had a privileged past,” which is not the case. This one is fully a warrior.

And what it does is when you look at others that way, whether it is yourself and your listeners this night looking at you, Steve, or Barack, and they say, “Yes, but they have a greater understanding, and I am not quite there,” and, dear hearts, that is simply not so. You have come to this life and to this incarnation with our spark of eternal, infinite divinity. You have everything you need, even when you have had difficult circumstances, horrendous experiences.

Privileged upbringing? It matters not. Because this has been part and parcel of my plan and your plan within my plan. Have there been some detours and variations? Yes. That does not cancel or change the plan. We have infinite capacity to adjust, and adjust we have and we will.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Just before turning to the Plan a few questions down the line, was Barack Obama’s birth certificate doctored?

DM: Yes.

SB: So the accusations against Barack Obama that his birth certificate is false, they really do apply to the people who actually doctored the certificate to give rise to these suspicions. Is that true?

DM: That is correct.

(Continued in Part 2

To surrender into Being Love is key for the Great Shift

Firstly, I would like to share with you the dream I had which led to a deeper intuitive understanding of what Archangel Michael said in an interview earlier this week[1].

It was a ‘semi lucid dream’ for I was floating in the air in a lying position to an extent knowing  that I was lying in my bed and I just close my eyes. Semi because it was not really a dream for the reasons that will become apparent further ahead. The content of the ‘dream’ and the aforementioned reasons made it into a unique happening as I have never experienced this before in my Conscious life.

As I was floating in the air I came to the realization that I was going through these portals. For my feeling they were rectangular in shape and transparent. When I went through the first portal I knew what was awaiting me and I passed through it with much anticipation and excitement. With this passing I felt that my vibrational frequencies increased. The second time occurred under exactly the same circumstances but with one difference: my vibrational frequencies increased a bit further. The third time, however, it was different. This time I didn’t know what to expect and as a result I felt ‘fear’ and I immediately went into survival mode struggling to stop my floating towards it. But nothing I did would stop me from my apparently predestined path. Just as I went through the third portal I closed my eyes in the ‘dream’ and immediately afterwards I woke up. But that was not the end of it. In the process of waking up I felt I was descending into my physical body with much of the increased frequencies intact though slowly waning away. For me that was solid proof that I actually did travel through those dimensions and that it was not just a ‘dream’. Moreover, I came to the insight that this super intelligent design which we call ‘Life’ is constructed in such a way that one is exposed to the degree that one is capable of handling. Amazing!

Now, what does this all mean? What is the bigger picture here? Does this experience pertain to the individual or to the collective as well?

The answers to these questions came from a groundbreaking interview to my opinion. Fact has it that I am a loyal listener/reader of An Hour with an Angel conducted weekly by Inlight Radio[2]. Last week’s guest (October 8th) was Archangel Michael.

What he said half way during the interview really got my juices flowing as I just knew intuitively that that explained the dream I had.

It started out like this: What you want to know, what you are really asking me, is “How do I know, dear Michael, when I am there? How do I know when I have truly embraced my mastery, which is a reflection of and in alignment with One? Is it a light bulb? Is it an event?”

He then goes on answering his own questions:

What it is is surrender, when you have reached that point, when you absolutely feel, know and are in the state of being that all you are, all you ever have been, all you ever can be is love.

And it is a feeling in your terms of almost overwhelm, of the tide breaking through, of the dam breaking, and the opening of floodgates completely opening, and that you cannot go back and really touch or relate or engage with those old, false paradigms. You may acknowledge them, but they do not and cannot exist within your field.

Now comes the part that got my blood pumping wildly:

Now, one of the things in this process — and it is unique to each one of you — one of the things that is happening, just before that letting go, that surrender, is the last vestige of fear.

Because you are literally jumping into a sphere… no matter what we say or how much detail we give you, you are moving into a dimensional reality that you do not fully know or understand or embrace. You embrace the concepts, you embrace the idea, but you cannot fully be there until this surrender and this fullness is felt.

This ‘last vestige of fear’ is what I felt and experienced in my dream. And yes I do embrace the idea and the concepts; I am even more and more capable of imagining the next dimension. However, I cannot go through this Last Portal until I surrender and the fullness of Being Love is felt. His words struck me like lightning on a clear day and I knew intuitively that this is what is happening to me. I am at this last stop and I am petrified. I doubt about how far I am in this process and about falling back.

He then continues with using the metaphor of birthing a child which explains even better what he is bringing across.

This channel has talked about this to many, and certainly to a dear friend just yesterday. And I have spoken through her to this one, and I have likened it to the moment of birthing. And even if you are male, you have been female and you know what it is to birth.

And there is the excitement with the pregnancy and with the child growing, as the energy has been growing within each one of you, and your fields have expanded enormously, courageously, fearlessly, joyfully.

And then comes the moment of delivery, when you are in fear of losing your life because the pain is so intense, and you wish that this child had never taken up residence, and you would do anything to get rid of it and have it slip from your womb. And it is that moment of fear and desperation and excitement and then surrender into the totality of love.

The birthing process in the human race is one of the ways in which you learn unconditional love and surrender. And that is where you are. Most of you are right there. And you are petrified. “Will I make it? Where are my signs?”

Yes indeed, where are my signs?!

And the truth is that you are the sign. You are the catalyst. You are the outcome. It is that surrender into the beingness of love, and nothing else. And from that emerges, like the phoenix from the ashes, the master, the co-creator, the catalyst who is ready to assist with the birthing of others.

Often -not as enough as I wish though- when I have doubts I look back at myself say a year ago and I know I have changed enormously which makes me feel that I am right on track. Michael just hits the nail when he says that WE are the sign. We just have to take a proverbial step back in time every time doubt or insecurity kicks in to really grasp the enormous achievements in our evolution.

He continues by saying:

 So, you have asked me many times: is it a moment? Yes. Is it an event? Yes. And it is a process. Yes. And you are going, and you have gone, through all of it. And you say, “Well, then, why do I not feel the fullness of what you refer to as the higher dimensions?”

Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop really jumpstarted me in my spiritual evolution. During the workshop I experienced a glimpse of the next dimension and this has evolved into ever greater experiences since.

And I am asking you, I am begging you, go into your heart, into your spirit, and allow that to be. And go far beyond feeling or thinking, because what you are doing is you get afraid, and then you look externally: “Give me more information. Give me more signs. Let me understand mentally.”

Now, we are not trying to eliminate your mental body or your ego. Quite the contrary. This is an integrated process. But stop looking outside and go within, because as you are the change, as you are the shift, it catalyzes the shift for humanity. Many of you are in that place, in that moment of birthing. And I am asking you, hang on and let go.

For the most part of today I was in a place of seeking acknowledgement for who I have become which put me in a place far far away from what Archangel Michael is talking about. Instead of looking for signs or acknowledgements outside I should have gone within and within I went at last. I almost immediately connected with my Higher Self and felt the Love and acknowledgement that I was looking for. As I am finishing up this article I also realize that this piece turned out the way it did because of the experiences I had today. In conclusion, I revel at the insights I have gained today as it made me aware of where I stand in my spiritual evolution giving me the confidence and the strength to go the extra mile.  Thank You.

Much Love, Laughter and Peace




The Universal Law of Karma


As a continuation of my previous article about the ‘divine order of things’ I will discuss the Universal Law of Karma here.

Before I began my journey of ‘awakening’ the concept of Karma to me was predominantly one of ‘punishment’ and ‘vengeance’. I remember one of my good friends telling me that his father was following some Hindu religion and that after a while he found that – their interpretation of – the Law of Karma is extremely unfair. One, depending on his or her accumulated ‘bad’ Karma, will either end up being deprived or living a life of abundance. I remember thinking and feeling that there has to be more to it and that this interpretation of Karma does not cover the entire workings of it.

Let’s have a look at what Wikipedia has to say about it: in Indian religions it is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect[1]. In other words, you reap what you sow or put differently your actions have consequences. Although it may be considered a good definition it does not, however, explain how it actually works. Thus, the research goes on.

The literal meaning of Karma in Sanskrit is to act. In Buddhism much attention is paid to the motivation or the intent behind the action, because this determines the Karma[2]. It goes on by saying that Karma refers to activities that we conduct with our bodies, speech and mind. In other words, what we say and what we think creates Karma as well. The following metaphor is used: These activities will leave impressions or seeds behind on our ‘mental bodies’, which will ripen into experiences if the right conditions are met (what are the right conditions then one might ask?). The seeds of our activities will join us from one lifetime to the other and thus does not get lost. If we do not create a cause or Karma or plant seeds in the soil for that matter then we will also not experience the consequences or harvest, regardless if they will be positive or negative.

I am still missing the bigger picture here. To what ultimate purpose is the Law of Karma designed?!

After having done some research, the following assertions resonated with me the most:

“Karma is a method of teaching”[3]. What is it teaching then? Hmm, in order to answer this question let’s look at the bigger picture. All life’s purpose is to eventually return to God/Source/Creator/Great Spirit from whence it came by way of physical, emotional, mental and especially spiritual evolvement[4]. In other words, we are all a component -droplet of water- of that infinite ocean called Source whose Life/Soul plan is to evolve back into our God selves. It is to know ourselves as God, to get to know our True identity. In this respect, karma teaches us how to BE God, how to align us more and more with actions that are Godlike.

To put it in another way by using a metaphor: the Law of Karma is like guardrails which prevent a vehicle from leaving the road. It keeps the individual soul from going too far to the left or right and ensures that the individual keeps moving forward towards the destined return of the Prodigal Child to God, once it tires of all experiences in the material world[5]. In addition to that, the Law of Karma ensures that the lessons will come back again and again until one learns the lesson that is being taught. Moreover, it will run through successive lifetimes making sure you learn the lesson explaining the cycle of reincarnation.

When you do someone harm, it will come around and bite you in the ass – ‘what goes around comes around’- as to learn how it is to be treated the same. It teaches you compassion. Usually, the perpetrator will then cease its actions but if he does not the same lesson will come back until he learns from it. On the other hand, when you put yourself to Service to another you will get the same back and rejoice in it, thus knowing it is the right thing to do and keep on doing.

Does Karma encompass only the act of ‘doing’ or ‘action’? Or do one’s thoughts and emotions play a pivotal role as well? Science is more and more catching up with the mere fact that our thoughts, emotions and intentions have a direct relationship with how our world looks like. In other words, WE as a collective are creating reality as we experience it. There is no ‘solidity’ or ‘physical’ as everything is ‘vibrational’, ‘electrical’ and ‘holographic’ information field which we decode into what appears a ‘phycial world’[6].  We are the Creators of our Reality and not just on a metaphysical level, however, we are ignorant of our powerful creative abilities.

Highly self-serving, dualistic and negative thoughts, emotions, and thus deeds will create a world of violence, separatism and egoism. Service to others, unity consciousness, knowing and Being our True identity and thus having positive thoughts and emotions will result into a more harmonious and loving world. I, personally, have experienced this for myself by attending a peace Festival with like-minded and -hearted people where sharing, harmony, respect and Love was the order of the day. It is possible and within our grasps!

Looked at it from this perspective Karma transcends the more simple explanation of ‘punishment’ or ‘vengeance’ for it has no judgment. We ourselves are responsible for our own experiences – ‘good or bad’- , which at the same time is very confronting as it is empowering! This knowledge and your experiences with the Law of Karma will give you back your Power over your own Life.

Karma is not ruthless, but it is focused on growth and evolving back into becoming your True Self. It teaches you insight, wisdom, awareness and foremost Love! To suffer is sometimes the only way to see the Light and Truth; however, Karma is not a penalty Law. It is a system put into place for self-development that gives you ample possibilities and chances to grow and it is up to your choosing -law of Free Will – whether or not you make us of it. In conclusion, as far as I understand with my current state of consciousness, we all have our own Path to take in this Divine Game of evolving back into Great Spirit and the Law of Karma defines the rules of this beautiful Game :).

Love, Light & Laughter,

Digging deeper into the divine order of things in a co-creative fashion

Up till now, I have accumulated much knowledge and experience when it comes to spirituality in general and personal spiritual growth in particular. This happened in tandem with the expansion of knowledge about the advent of the Golden/New Age and the significance of the Mayan ‘end of times’ prophecy herein. For the sake of clarity, my journey can be divided into on the one side digging into what non-mainstream science and ancient prophecies have to say and discovering and experiencing my divine Self.

This journey of awakening has intensified from the beginning of 2011 as I have come to the insight that everything that happened before – in retrospect that is – has prepared me for this. This insight has given me a feeling of humility and purpose as I came to understand that I am part of something bigger. Furthermore, it strengthened the belief that everything that happens is in some way super intelligently or divinely constructed. If this is true, which I came to know that it is, then what are the laws that govern this Universal spectacle called Life? In addition, how does the advent of the Golden Age fit into this divine order? What is the significance of the ascension of mother Earth relative to the rest of the Milky Way and even the rest of the Universive?

What I will do in this column is – to the best of my ability – to answer the abovementioned questions and many other questions that will emerge along the way. I must add that in no way I am proclaiming that this is The Truth. On the contrary, this is merely an attempt of my person to understand the divine order of things and I am sure that my understanding will change along the way. Actually, I am counting on it.

In doing so, I also hope it will provide an incentive for readers to want to dig deeper as well or at least to get them interested. As a matter of fact, I am calling out for readers to co-create, to supplement, to adjust and to ask more questions. As I am strechting my creativity here, it could even grow into a co-creatively constructed booklet containing information about our (Earthlings/Gaia’s children) perceived place in the Universe – a planetary identity one might say – in relation to our understanding of the Divine Order.

I must say that in no way this is a one week or a one month project for that matter. On the contrary, this might take years and years as humanity’s understanding of the greater Truth is ever evolving depending on the pace of our spiritual growth.

For answering those questions, I will resort to scientific sources, spiritual teachings and last but not least intuition. The beautiful act of knowing without the need to have evidence or proof. I am of the opinion that we have been neglecting that aspect of our Being for too long already and I hope that this initiative will provide a strong impetus for restoring its true value.

I will do my utmost best to post a column on this topic every two weeks starting with the first question: what are the laws that govern this Universal spectacle called Life?

Much Love and Light

Now is the time to deal with your issues once and for all!


They are pouring in alright! My god! Although it was announced, nothing could have really prepared me for this. First, I was only exhausted but now I am feeling it, all throughout my body. It comes and goes like waves going through every fiber of my being. And this is only the physical part.

I catch my self staring. People passing by might think that I have become apathic, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. I am feeling, I am processing, I am lettin it go through me without judging it. Easier said then done sometimes, but hey, isn’t this all just a big learning school?

I feel the urge to be with myself more. Meditation, walking in the park, watching and touching the majestic trees and feeling them in my heart and listening to the birds are the order of the day. Connecting to Mother Earth with your heart really helps. Although at times we (humanity) have forgotten it, she has always been there for us and always will be. She loves us very much.

When writing this I realize that I have become so mightily aware of I. I am aware of my every thought, emotion and feeling. I am aware. I am aware that I am connected to anything else. I feel I am. I am aware of the changes within. I understand the channelings better now when they urge us to look within for proof that things are changing. I am aware that others are merely a reflection of myself. And wouldn’t you be kind and loving to yourself? Is this what various spiritual traditions meant when they talked about to be aware of yourself?

This is raising a fundamental question. Am I my emotions? Am I my feelings? Am I my thoughts? Am I my body? Am I all of them? However, one is able to influence and (re)direct ones thoughts, emotions, feelings and even body. Who or what is doing that? Is it consciousness? What is consciousness then? Is consciousness my true essence, my Soul? And if my Soul ‘already’ is intelligent and wise enough to do all this, why would it choose to reincarnate on this planet and go through all these lessons in the first place. Aahh, what a jolly good ride this is and we have just embarked on the last 6 months (depending on the perception) of this marvellous journey!

Lastly, I would like to reassure Steve Beckow that his colums have not become mentally, emotionally and spiritually obsolete for my person even if Archangel Raphael has come up with an effective healing modality :-). Your columns are a great source of inspiration and support for me. I thank you for that.

How the Containment method strikes a Heart chord

When the transcript of the interview that Steve Beckow had on July 2nd with Archangel Michael was released I was at first surprised. Like everyone else who has been following channelings and insider (‘white hat’) information I had been reading and/or hearing about ‘mass arrests’ for months now. Hence, I was expecting arrests on an unprecedented scale. So this sudden change of ‘rhetoric’ and especially ‘method’ started even to taste a bit bitter as frustration decided to peek around the corner.

Nevertheless, this feeling of frustration dissipated very fast (much to my delight) as I was reading it further, because I felt that there was truth in Archangel Michael’s words:

“But let me also say, as your brother, as your friend, as the archangel of peace, you did not come to participate solely in destruction, solely in things like mass arrests — for really what does this mean? What I would suggest to you is that the idea or the term of mass arrests, whether it is with the Intergalactic Council or the [Galactic] Federation, or your star brothers and sisters scattered far and wide, for lightworkers and lightholders, has a very different meaning.

And that is why I wish to address this usage of language, because, dear hearts, when you speak of mass arrests, you are speaking of violence. You are speaking of retribution, you are speaking of revenge. And that is not who you are, it is not who you have ever been, and it is certainly not why you have come.”[1]

Yes, it did indeed feel like retribution and in some cases even revenge every time the term ‘mass arrests’ came up. I personally couldn’t wait to see them rounded up and to give them a piece of their own cake. However, now I understand that the meaning that is attributed to this term as a collective, of which I am a part of, is one of anger, fear, hatred etc. As a result, the interview with archangel Michael resulted into me asking a fundamental question: How would we be any different from the Cabal if our actions would be based on the same underlying lower vibrational emotions and feelings? When writing this my thoughts wonder off to how Saddam Hoessein and more recently Khadaffi have come to their end. When this happened, I kept on asking myself the question: how are we any different from them? And in retrospect, in regards to this particular channeling, it all makes heart sense to me now! This collective and individual journey towards ascension just happens to be about the exact opposite, namely about eradicating those lower vibrations and transcending into unconditionally loving, compassionate and forgiving beings.

Nevertheless, it is my opinion that a certain amount of arrests should be made to honour the collective’s will as I believe that it could prove to be very important to the collective’s emotional healing as far as I can judge it off course. And I am almost certain that I have read that it will happen although I cannot find it back any more.

Lastly, I would like to send my utmost gratitude to Archangel Michael for giving us an essential wake up call once more.

Much Love and Light